Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a new year!

I always look at a new year as a time to begin again. Like a fresh start, the new year is a time to make changes and do things a little differently. I have set my goals for the new year to come, and it made me realize some things ..
One, I wouldn't change anything about my family. I love my wife and my two daughters. They are my life, and without them I would be nothing. Two, I have a lot left that I want to accomplish. Not only in comedy, but in life. I guess you could say my bucket list is very large. Three, life is meaningless without motivation. Every one of my my goals are driven by motivation.

So in closing, I would just like to say go out and find what your motivation is and make 2012 your year! I hope this year has been kind to everyone and 2012 is the year everyone wants it to be. Happy new year to everyone and ill see you next year...