Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kingda Ka

I just got home from a trip that included riding the fastest (128 mph) and tallest (456 ft) roller coaster in the US the Kingda Ka. Telling you that I was not nervous would be a lie. Standing in line, looking back at the enormous track was humbling to say the least. As we made our way through the line, my mind was racing. How would I react? Would I freak out at the top? Would it be too intense ? What if it got stuck on top? A million questions clogged my mind, and before I realized it we were at the front of the line. Now my adrenaline was pumping. There would be no backing out from here. We got seated and strapped in and I was ready. The # 1 roller coaster in the world and I was getting ready to sample it. We rolled out to the staging area, which seemed like an eternity at this point. It was almost as if the ride had a mind of its own, making you sit and stare at how huge it was, like it was making one last attempt to scare the crap out of you. But it didn't work on me. By this point, I was ready. "LET'S GET IT ON!" And boy did we!

You could feel the launch cable attaching itself to the cart you were in. Then the air brakes released and we rolled backwards ever so slightly. Now it was just waiting. Then BOOM, we were off! Flying down the track you could feel the continual acceleration of the ride. POP POP POP went the flashbulbs from the ride's camera. You could feel your lips, hair, eyelids, even your nostrils, flapping in the wind. Next thing I know, I am looking at sky, and looking at it for a while before we reached the crest of the hill. Now at this point, you are on top of the world. Everything seemed to slow down just enough to appreciate what happened. Then, you are face down, barreling back toward the earth, picking up speed as you free fall. You do almost a complete 360 degree twist and you're down. You cross the speed hump, and then you come to a complete stop. What a rush! I had to turn back and look a 2nd time just to be sure I had done it. I have ridden quite a few roller coasters in my day (well over 100 different ones), and I will say the Kingda Ka is by far the best coaster I have been on. My only recommendation is that if you go to Six Flags to ride the Kingda Ka, ride it last because it will ruin all the other coasters for you.