Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What do you want from comedy

I have read a lot of articles from big name comedians and one of the questions that is always asked is "What do you expect to get from comedy" . It seems that question almost always comes up when a lesser known comic is interviewing a "Big time" comic.

     At first I always considered this a trap question. As if the big comic will go ah-ha you answered that wrong NO COMEDY FOR YOU! (In my best soup nazi vioce) . So I decided to put some thought into this. First let me just say yes I want to be a famous t.v. and or movie star, have lots of money and be a household name. If a comic tells you they dont they are liars! But I also wanted to dive a lot deeper into why I love comedy. I broke it down into 3 reasons.

   #1 I love to entertain people. There is no better joy on this earth than to have a comeplete stranger tell you that YOU made their day, week, or month. The ability to make someone's day better if only for one hour is worth it. Meeting people after shows and making friends with audience members that will travel 50 miles to see you perform is just amazing to me.

   #2 I love to travel. I have been traveling across the U.S. since I was 4 y/o. My dad used to take me on his business trips when I was younger and we would swing into landmarks and attractions along the way. I have gotten to see a lot of this great country of ours through the windshield of a car.

   #3 The comedians. There is not a better group of people in the world. You get to meet comics from everywhere. And most of the time they are willing to help you out. And like in everything else there are those shitheads too. They just help you figure out how to deal with other shitheads though. All in all its a great group of guys

   These are the main 3 reasons. I had originally came up with ten but these where definitely the top 3. So now I have it on record, if a big name comic ever ask me what do I want from comedy I can just say "Go read my blog bitch" .