Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love the sinner, Hate the sin...... Maybe?

I am a born again bible believing christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of god and he died on the cross for my sins. That's where what i believe begins to differ from the mainstream "Christians". I want to discuss homosexuals. Every time I hear someone say love the sinner hate the sin it never sounded or felt right to me. It feels like that line is always used when referring to homosexuals. But we all are sinners, so when a child lies to his parents I wonder if they are thinking love the sinner hate the sin. I would guess not. To me my opinion of what you are doing wrong is irrelevant because I am in the same boat as everyone on this planet. WE ALL ARE SINNERS....
Now if we put as much into loving and helping one another as we do trying to prove our moral point, this world would be alot better off. Jesus calls us to love one another. I have yet to find in the bible where it ask us to judge and condemn each other. God will judge us, so how about we try to act the way Jesus teaches us in the bible.
The main reason for this is I have several close friends who are gay. Their perception of Christianity has been tarnished by the way they are being treated. Christians are driving souls away from Christ in the name of morality? The fact you believe homosexuality is a sin is irrelevant! Because Christ sent us to be the light of the world. Our actions should bring souls to Christ not drive them away.
In closing I would just like to say that these are all my opinions derived from studying my bible. I realize not everyone believes the way I do and that's OK. It is not my job to convert or save anyone, the only thing Christ ask of me is to follow his teachings and carry myself accordingly.