Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dusty Lester: Tale of an all too Common Joke Thief

I first met Dusty at an open mic at Side Splitters comedy club in Knoxville, Tn. He was eccentric, high energy and extremely green. I did not pay much attention to him outside of occasionally giving some advice. The more I got to know him, the more I tried to help him along his journey in comedy. I spent many late nights after shows giving him advice, just being someone he could talk to. I knew he was the butt of many jokes at the club; but I figured if he is going to make it, he needed thick skin.

After he moved to L.A., I did not keep up with him much, only catching a facebook book post from him or his family once in a while. That was until Sunday morning when my friend and fellow comic Corey Forrester sent me a message asking if i had seen or knew of him stealing my jokes. At first, I thought well maybe he just took some of my premises. Then Corey sent me a link to the video. I sat stunned for what felt like days. He stole several jokes, word for word, voice inflection and all! After confronting him, he blocked me and anyone that questioned him on facebook. What really angered me was his reply to the whole situation. Here it is:

This stuff is crazy I'm a good person but what I'm about to say it's going to hurt most of you and I hope it does cause I know for the most part none of you guys liked me for whatever reason and it made you extremely jealous when I grew balls to come out here and started making something of myself yes I did use some of Sandy's jokes but the only difference is is they laugh when I tell them ... and what's werid is sandy has a dane cook joke and nobody ever confronts him about it 
You know there is a reason I'm in la and you guys are not there is a reason that I have been on the TV show the middle and ncis and grace and Frankie and you guys have not there is a reason I have won contest and i know you are going to say it's because I was stealing jokes but I got to open up for big name comics in Knoxville way before moving up here I did not get parts in TV threwing stealing I did not get a job working for the number TV show because I stole jokes I did that because I was funny and that's what comedy is about making people laugh and i did just that and now I live with the producer of the number one TV show in the whole wide world and he told me that instead of letting you guys get Imature about this and keep beating me up he said I should respond back to you guys and what does he know he is only the producer of the number one TV show in the whole wide world and also drew you can tell whoever you want cause I guarantee That Ashton Kutcher doesn't come to your house I guarantee You Jeff Goldblum doesn't take you out to eat and talk to you about project ideas I guarantee you couldn't call Toby McGuire for help But I can and i have those are the type people I hang out with so I don't give a fuck if you tell and your silly little open mic friends are not i know it sucks that you haven't done anything in new York yet but that don't mean that all of you have to gang up on me for my success the one thing I love about la is we don't have a click like you guys had in Knoxville if you didn't drink until you puked before every show because I don't know how many times I have saw that and even if my performance di or did not go well I never had to drink before I went on but most of you guys drink like fishes before you go on I'm not a pussy I was homeless for three months before the producers discovered me but he belives in me and you guys think what you will about that but he is the producer of the number one TV show and none of you guys would have been out on the streets before in the hot la sun for that long I know you guys hate it that I'm doing so well but if you don't like it that I'm doing great than its only going to get worse for you ...you know what I find funny is the comedy club shut down right after I moved and so did alot of bars I mean why get upset at me when you guys have no where to do comedy I know your trying to destroy my career in comedy drew with your little open micers but would do you think there going to listin to an open micer or Tom cruise definitely Tom cruise and the producer whom I live with produced mission impossible so he comes over all the time and i know it's sucks to here all of this cause I'm living my dream and you guys are doing anything but dreaming about yours and the one guy that did has nothing better to do but to try and pick on me there were few guys that was good to me on Knoxville and i promise when I start moving even further in my carrer I can pull strings for you guys but for the rest of you guys I should block you but I want you to see all the great things that are going to happen in my future the people you guys belived in were drunks and oh yeah Dallas who might show up every two months to where I would show up about every night and the nights I was not perfroming I watched the show and would support it even though you guys never supported me but you guys can't hate on me all that you want I be sure to use you guys in my material and i will apogize for stealing jokes when you guys apologize for not givin me any respect but that's my rant and i will not be responding back to any of you guys I have nothing else to say except HAHA bitches you guys have a wonderful day and i enjoy being my hometown hero in la and back home in Knoxville enjoy hillbilly if you guys want to see me my name will be on TV I'm one step below being the actual prodcuer of the number one TV show but I'm a million steps above all of you"

-Dusty Lester

I had never been through this before, and I had no idea what to do about it. He was in L.A. and I am 40 hours away. So I decided to take it to social media. I was, and still am, amazed with the outpouring of support from comedians and fans of comedy from coast to coast. I especially want to thank the Knoxville comedy community. There are way too many to name them all here, but if not for them this would not have been handled as quickly as it did. In a little over 1 day, he went from stealing jokes to being black listed in the L.A. comedy scene. I just want to say thank you to everyone who took time to help me on this issue. I am forever grateful.