Friday, January 24, 2020

Motivation Friday (small announcement)


   It has been one hell of a week here in Tennessee! Winter time is officially here. I began running everyday at the first of the year. My goal is to lose some weight of coarse, but also i want to run several 5k races this year. this week though, has been difficult to say the least. It has been too cold to run outside and so i have been regulated to running on my treadmill in my downstairs. Anyone who is used to having the freedom to run outside knows the struggle of being confined to a treadmill. Today i finally get to get back outside. So i am going to go run until my little heart is content.
            I have a lot of goals this year to accomplish. My YouTube pages are a major point of emphasis for me this year. Also i plan on updating this website with entries once a week. My writing needs to get a lot better i know this, so that is why i want to post here once a week at the very least. My wife has a degree in English literature so she will be critiquing me every week. Hopefully by June or July you will see a vast improvement of my writing.
            Which leads me to my announcement. Myself along with my wife will be writing a book. We have had a idea for a book for several years now and have decided that this is the year we write it. I cant give up many detail at this point, but we do have a outline of how the book will be written. Several characters, plot points, beginning, middle and end have been thought out. I will give updates on here periodically to keep everyone updated on the situation. I dont know that we will finish it this year but we will have a major start on it.
            Last but not least lets talk about Jay for a moment. For those of you who do not know Jay is my partner in crime along with Alex Stokes. Jay and i have a weekly podcast ( ShallowMinds ), we have an annual trip to Kings Island every year during Halloween for Halloween Haunt. We also take several trips a year to do different things together. I have had a lot of people asking about our Halloween Haunt trip. "Whats it like"? "Is it any fun"? "what do you all do"? So this year for the first time ever i will be filming and documenting our complete kings island trip and posting it on my coaster YouTube page (Coaster G). I will give the release date and all the details when we get closer to time.

Alright again guys thank you for stopping by and reading. I am very appreciative for each and everyone who takes time to read my ramblings. I will be back next week.