Monday, January 20, 2020

Some Changes for 2020

I recently realized how jumbled up my YouTube page was. So i decided to make some changes to my YouTube set-up. For those that have messaged me asking where my comedy videos went to i am going to break it all down here. I now have 5....... yes 5 different YouTube channels. Each channel deals with completely different niches. Channel # 1 is my original YouTube page (Sandy Goddard). It will mainly be for my banjo and music videos. Channel # 2 is (The Back Logged Gamer) channel which will deal with gaming videos. Channel # 3 is now my comedy channel (SandyG comedy). It has all my stand up comedy videos. Channel # 4 (Coaster G) will be for all of my roller coaster and theme park videos. Last but not least is my weight loss channel # 5 (Sandy's New Life) which will document my weight loss journey and later on will feature the 5k races i plan on running. I hope this clears up some of the mess and clutter and makes it easier for me to keep up with my videos.