Thursday, December 17, 2020

Clawhammer progress report # 1

 Hello everyone, First of all let me say that i am not a writer. My grammar sucks and spelling is not high on my list. So bare with me. I have had this website for years and have struggled with what to post here. I believe a i have decided to use this as a blog for my banjo and day to day activities. I am going to try to document each week here while learning to play clawhammer style banjo. This format may change over time but this is where it begins, so bare with me.

This week in particular i have been focused in on the drop thumb technique. Like everything else i have learned on the banjo you have to start extremely slow and get the muscle memory built in before gaining any speed. My strum is coming along nicely and my right hand technique for striking strings have improved greatly. I am hoping i can soon incorporate the drop thumb into some songs.

As far as songs go, i have learned 2 songs so far for this style. Slowly practicing them each week to gain speed and accuracy. I know this is a marathon and not a sprint but like most i get impatient and want to be able to play like grandpa jones now! 

My practice sessions have been 30 mins to a hour each night. I wish i had more time to devote to to practicing but i will take what i can get. That is going to be all for this week!  Keep an eye out for my next video to drop 12-20-20. and take care!