Wednesday, August 17, 2022



Ok so i watched EVERY episode as soon as they come out. Then I also hated myself EVERY week for watching. I thought this show was was going to be the greatest thing in the world, And every week I was disappointed. I caught myself each week for 6 long years saying this is the week it finally gets good. Don't get me wrong, the story telling, character building and plot line was great. It just wasn't Breaking Bad. That may be my fault for assuming but it fell short.

   I saw all the reviews and fans talking about how it was a great show and I just could not see it. Sure it had some high points, but it never had me hanging on the edge of my seat every week like breaking bad did. I fell in love with BB after i was at a friends house and saw walt burying barrels full of money. Having never seen the show and that being my first introduction into it I had to go home and watch the show to figure out  A) how he got so much money B) why does he have it in barrels and C) why is he burying them in the desert. I began at the beginning and watched every episode up to that season 5 episode with the barrels of money.

  Better Call Saul did a fantastic job of character building and filling in the back story on a lot of characters. But i didnt ever see that barrel full of money moment. I don't think I could pick out a random episode in season 4 and it make me want to watch the whole series. Sorry for the rant, and this is probably not a popular opinion but i did not like BCS and would recommend staying away from this one!