“Sandy is a pleasure to work with, and you better come prepared to work because not only is he funny, the crowds love him. He is a comedy force that is sneaking up fast.”
     -Janet Williams “The Tennessee Tramp”, Professional Headliner

Sandy is a passionate stand-up comedian who will do everything possible to promote your event. He is a clean performer appropriate for a wide range of audiences and events. If you have any special performance requirements, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. You will find everything you need to bring Sandy to your city right here. If you need additional information, or have trouble downloading the information here, please contact us.

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A Few Comics I have Worked With:
  • Carl LaBove
  • James Johann
  • Josh Sneed
  • Spanky Brown
  • Tim Kidd
  • Ed Caylor
  • JJay Boyd
  • Jim Mendrinos
  • Drew Thomas
  • Mo Alexander
  • Shaun Jones
  • Johnny Millwater
  • Josh Phillips
  • Matt Davis
  • Kurt Green
  • Mark Evans
  • Larry XL
  • Jeremy Pierce
  • Dave Glardon